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About Underworldmixradio:

Underworldmixradio was founded in 2007. It was developed to give unsigned a platform to to share their talent with music lovers and to give music lovers a place to find new and exciting music. Underworldmixradio streams 24/7 and has a integrated request music feature. This feature allows listeners to request a favorite song at anytime of the day. Underworldmixradio gets so much great music daily and it would be almost impossible to play it all, therefore a listening schedule is available that will show you when your favorite type of music is playing.

How artist can benefit:

Underworldmixradio is unearthing ways for unsigned artist to get exposure by way of streaming radio, ringtone downloads, and social connection. You might ask yourself, how much is all of that going to cost me? Underworldmixradio understands the word "budget" unlike other companies that offer to do what we do at 3x's the cost. Underworldmixradio will insert your track into our database no questions asked. All you need to do is sign up on our social networking website and email us your profile link.

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What music lovers get:

As a fan of Underworldmixradio you get virtually an unlimited access to great music. Underworldmixradio streams 24/7 and there is a chat and listen page where you can interact with other music lovers. Underworldmixradio has also created a social networking website where you can interact with the artist and download or purchase artists music and ringtones. To visit the social networking website click the community tab at the top of the page.To listen to the station and chat click this icon anywhere that it is located throughout the site

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